iPhone 13 Pro Max review


INR 1,29,900-1,79,900

iPhone 13 Pro Max review
iPhone 13 Pro Max review
INR 1,29,900-1,79,900
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Buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max for a huge in leap in battery life , keep it for the more powerful dramatical camera system.

Our Verdict

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best iPhone 12 of the bunch, with an immersive 6.7-inch display, amazing cameras, 5G and strong battery life. Overall, they offer minor improvements in display technology, cameras and battery life. 

There’s no reason to upgrade if you bought an iPhone 12, but if you’re coming from an older phone, you’ll notice and appreciate the differences.

Pros Cons
Useful camera upgrades120Hz screen is minimal upgrade
Easily the best iPhone battery
ever Oodles of power

A bit heavy and bulky

Ultimate performance as expected
bcz A15 bionic processor is at its best

Charger sold separately


1-Minute Review

The iPhone 13 Pro Max… what makes it ‘Pro’? Well, it’s got incredible battery life, cameras that can do pretty much anything you’d need on a smartphone, and is available in a range of muted, but classy, colors. Simply put, this is one of the leading contenders for the best smartphone in the world right now.

It now also appears with a 1TB storage option (not available on the iPhone 12), so if you’re a budding (or professional) film maker, you can fill this handset with content to your heart’s content.

Price Range

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is available to buy right now, starting at INR 1,29,900 for 128GB of storage. Going up to 256GB costs INR 1,39,900, 512GB is INR 1,59,900 and the whopping 1TB option is priced at a gulp-inducing INR 1,79,900.

Design – more of the same

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